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If you love your new pet from Small Miracles and want to share your story and photo, e-mail our webmaster. Please include your name, town, pet's name, breed and when you adopted.




We adopted Ella just before Christmas this year (2018) and she has been an absolute joy! She fit right in with my other 2 dogs and has adopted my female, Becca, as her older sister. She’s very caring toward my blind and nearly deaf male dog, Smokey, as well. She’s adorable in her own right and I can’t say enough good about her. Our adoption experience with Small Miracles was also problem free. They worked with us to find just the right dog.

Debbie, Shane, Ella, Becca and Smokey



We adopted Coco (formerly Missy) just 10 days ago (11/30/2018) and couldn’t be more pleased. Coco is a bright, fun-loving, active young Beagle mix that is a welcome addition to our family and a great companion for our other Beagle mix dog. Small Miracles is a great organization that is well run and with a knowledgeable staff. We were able to complete the adoption process within 24 hours of first meeting Coco. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to adopt a rescue pet.

Frank and Xiaolin, Middletown, MD


Ellie Mae

I'd like to tell you about my success story with "Adele". Her name is Ellie Mae now. Adele wasn't country enough. This good girl is the best little spoon a cuddler could ask for! And too hot for a personal heater! But, I can't go to bed without her. She was also my inspiration for a painting. She's definitely my best friend - thank you Small Miracles. (November 2018)




Our family adopted Buck (formerly Louie). He’s become a big part of our family and fits in so well! Buck is growing fast and getting bigger every day. We love him and are so happy we adopted him! (November 2018)



Dewey and RO

I adopted brother and sister, Dewey and RO (formerly Puff and Pandora) in August 2018. It didn’t take long for them to feel comfortable in their new, forever home. Dewey and RO are very playful and in between their many cat naps they love to chase each other around the house, playing with their toys. I couldn’t imagine my life without them. Small Miracles was absolutely wonderful to work with. They take in so many precious animals who need loving homes and handle them all with such care. Thank you, Small Miracles. Not only do you rescue them, they also rescue you. <3

Taylor, Ellicott City



My husband and I adopted Dinah (Courtney at the shelter), a brown tabby cat, a few weeks ago (September 2018). At first, she was afraid of our cat, Darcy, but she learned that all he wants is to play. Now they spend their time together, and they seem so happy! Dinah is rambunctious and curious, a sweetheart who loves to eat, play, and cuddle. Everyone at Small Miracles was working so hard and so kindly to help the animals find homes when we visited. Thank you for helping us welcome Dinah into our lives!

Jennifer and Tony, Laurel



My boyfriend and I adopted Calix (formerly Charlie) in June 2018. He is a very friendly, energetic 8 month old puppy who is still growing into his ears. According to his Wisdom Panel he is a Boxer/Collie/German Shepard/Chow/Lab/Coon hound mix! He is incredibly intelligent and therefore always getting himself into trouble! He helped fill the puppy shaped hole in our home after my boyfriend's family lost their long-time family dog. Small Miracles was incredible to work with and we recommend them to everyone who is looking to adopt!

Grace and David, Columbia

Trixie the dog


We adopted Trixie (formerly Salomey) in July 2015. It was love at first lick! We fell in love with her and her tricky ways. Since we picked her up from Small Miracles, she has been fun and very energetic. She definitely keeps us in shape! She loves to chew everything, so we keep an eye out on her! The staff at Small Miracles were very informative and helpful with the process. She has found a forever home, and we can't be happier! Thank you again, Small Miracles!

Chris and Janet

Captain Jack the cat

Captain Jack

I adopted Captain Jack Sparrow in 2012 at Macy's Annual Shop For A Cause. Moira just happened to have him with her, and it was instant love at first sight. Jack is a special needs kitty, blind in one eye and half deaf. He is the light of our lives and one spoiled kitty. We love little Jack! Thank you, Moira and Small Miracles.

Linda Ingram

Bruce Wayne the Lab mix

Bruce Wayne

We adopted Bruce Wayne (formerly Coal) in the beginning of June 2013. He is a black Lab mix and loves playing, playing and more playing. Bruce already is friends with everyone and is the most popular member of the house. He has started puppy kindergarten and is learning very fast. Thanks for helping us find a new family member.

Cynthia G. Langford, Columbia

Frankie the cat


We adopted Frankie (formerly Bubble) in May 2013. We had recently lost our 14-year-old calico, and my daughter convinced me to "go look at" the cats at the rescue. The staff could not have been more helpful. When my daughter and I sat down, Frankie came up between us, curled up, began to purr and went to sleep. He truly adopted us. Frankie has made friends with our 100-pound Lab, our husky mix and our 13-year-old female cat who likes no one. Our sincere thanks for rescuing this sweet boy and allowing us to make him a perfect new member of our household.

The Brooks Family

Daisy the dog


I just wanted to say that Daisy has settled into her furever home quite nicely. Her best bud is a 149lb rotti, who she rules, and her favorite place is on the arm of the sofa, looking out the window. At least twice a week, she goes to work with me, where she has appointed herself sentry to my cubicle. Yes, she is definitely momma's baby girl!

Kimberly Collins, Catonsville

Vinny the cat

Leo, Teddy Bear and Vinny

In January 2010, I fell in love with Leo (formerly Ginger), and he immediately bonded with my mom's cat, Joey. When Joey passed away in November 2011, I went to Small Miracles again. We brought home Teddy Bear (formerly Gordon), and my mom and I both fell in love with him! When my mom moved out, she took Teddy with her, and I wanted to find my own Teddy! I adopted Vinny (formerly Reese, pictured) in June 2012. He is such a joy to have around, and he loves to wrestle with Leo. Any time I know someone looking for a new fur baby, I always tell them to check out Small Miracles!

Samantha Haugh & Michael Myers, Ellicott City

Valentine the Norwegian Elkhound mix


Valentine (formerly Sheba) is my young Norwegian Elkhound mix. I was smitten by Small Miracles' description of her: a small, quiet girl in need of a little exercise and attention. So, I adopted her in March 2013. I had no idea how big and wonderful her personality would be once she came out of her shell! She arrived housetrained, well-mannered, incredibly sweet and eager to please. She's loving our daily runs and is learning new tricks faster than I can think them up! We've been inseparable since the car ride home from Small Miracles (she spent it curled up in my lap), and I can't imagine why this sweet girl was ever given up. Thank you so much for helping me find her!

Michael Scuderi, Damascus

Cinnamon the cat


The hardest moment for me was letting go of my sadness after my 23-year-old cat, Nala, passed away. I wanted a fresh start, a new kitten to love and grow into my home. I searched for weeks, contacting many rescues and shelters, but had no luck. Luckily, my friend Kim referred me to Small Miracles, and there I found my precious baby, Cinnamon. I drove 40 minutes to Howard County. Cinnamon was well worth the trip! She makes my heart happy! Thank you for helping me find Cinnamon. She is such a loveable kitten!

Susan Boehm, Gaithersburg

Sanchez the cat


We hit the KITTEN JACKPOT when we adopted in March 2013. Brother Hunter Sanchez Thompson (Sanchez for short) is amazingly sweet, funny, cute, mellow and tolerant of my kids :) We have twins in kindergarten who carry the little guy around in their arms, in baskets, whatever, and he rolls with it. My husband works from home, so he gets constant company and attention. I have always had cats and am a big animal lover, so I can say with some authority that he is way cooler than your average cat. As I wrote this e-mail, he is in the (dry) bathtub chasing his tail. Oh, and he spends the overnight hours in bed with us licking my husband's beard. We are totally smitten.

Thompson family

Sabrina the Shih Tzu


We adopted Pebbles in January 2013. Her name is now Sabrina. She is the sweetest little dog, so affectionate and friendly, and she gets along with her new sister really well. Now, she is just one of the family. We also had her groomed; she looks like a new dog, and I want to thank you for saving her. She is bringing us a lot of joy, and she really thinks she runs the household now. Sometimes this doesn’t set to well with Sheba, but they are learning to share. She has a forever home now.

Mary Moser

Jasmine and Serena the cats

Jasmine and Serena

Losing my beloved kitty companion, Martini, after nearly 18 years left a big hole in my heart. In July 2012, I found my two precious little kittens, Jasmine (formerly Micayla, on the left) and Serena (formerly Kyla) at Small Miracles. Their personalities are amazing, and I fell in love with them the minute I saw them! They give me so much joy and make me laugh with their kooky antics! Jasmine enjoys sitting in front of the sliding glass door "birdwatching," and Serena likes to place her favorite toy in her water dish after she finishes playing with it (for safe keeping)! I can't say enough good things about Moira and her staff for all they do for the beautiful babies they rescue. Thank you SO much!

Suzanne Van Order, Columbia

Adam the cat


Here's a current photo of Snickers (formerly Adam), who I adopted in January 2011. He has adjusted to his new home and is a wonderful addition to my family.

Barbara Barrick

Dexter the cat


When my cat of six years died suddenly in November 2011, I didn't think I would ever have another cat as amazing as he was. Soon after, I decided to adopt Dexter (formerly Clyde) in January 2012. He is amazing and has the best personality ever! He bonded with my dog, Penny, within the first week of the transition. Now, they play, wrestle and even take naps together! He is a super love bug and is not afraid of anything. I never thought I would find another cat so loving and people-friendly. Dexter is all I imagined and more. Thank you!

Heidi Shullenbarger, Columbia

Ruckus and Riza the cats

Ruckus and Riza

In September 2011, I adopted two beautiful bi-color kittens, Ruckus and Riza (formerly Christian and Dior). They were brother and sister, and I couldn't stand separating them after seeing them snuggled up together in that little cage. Ruckus and Riza have grown into happy, healthy, clingy cats. Ruckus loves to be held over the shoulder and loves to play with his mousie toys. Riza is much smaller and is such a sweetheart. She doesn't like to be held as much as her brother, but she loves to snuggle and bury her little nose into you. Thank you, Small Miracles, for my two little blessings.

Robyn Stewart, Baltimore

Aset the cat


This is a picture of me with my sweetheart, Aset (formerly Mystique). I adopted her in June 2011. She has the biggest personality, and everyone she meets falls in love with her. She has been an absolute blessing! Thank you, Small Miracles!

Arionne Carroll, Silver Spring

Missy the dog


Here is a picture of Missy, formerly known as ButterCup. We lost our 18-year-old Shih Tzu in early 2012. We still have another 8-year-old Shih Tzu named Lucy. We decided to adopt a rescue Shih Tzu in March. We found ButterCup on Small Miracle's Petfinder website. The next night, we made a visit to Ellicott City and met the Moira, the shelter president. We fell in love with her immediately and took her home that night. Now, Missy is a part of the family. She is a little chow hound that loves her treats. She also loves going to the groomer and traveling to Nana's house, where she is a hit with all of her new family. Thanks to Small Miracles, especially Moira, for all of your efforts.

Dan and Colleen Thomas, Elkridge

TJ the cat


We are so happy that TJ has joined our family! He was an older kitten when we adopted him from Petco in Ellicott City in February 2012. I had just lost my beloved cat of 16 years and was looking for a cat to try and fill the void. TJ has stepped right in. He's so much fun, and really loves to play with the kids. I've never met a cat who likes kids as much as he does. He doesn't even mind the bear hugs he gets from them. Small Miracles made it very easy, and since he already had all his shots, he was ready for adoption that day. Thank you!

Gawthrop family, Ellicott City

Teddy the dog


This is Teddy, who used to be Noah, a cockapoo we adopted in January 2012. He is joined by his beloved extended family at a family event in Virginia. He loves to ride in the car and go places with us, and everyone loves him. We also have four rescue cats from Small Miracles!

Bandel family, Glenwood

Buddy the cat

Buddy and Savannah

We adopted Buddy (formerly Talc) from Small Miracles in April 2011. Our family had adopted a girl kitty named Savannah six months earlier, and we were not entertaining enough for her. Buddy was so named to represent his intended purpose: to be Savannah’s buddy. What a HUGE success. They are the best of friends, and you will never find them apart. They are entirely different in personality. Savannah is high energy and always creating mischief. Buddy, on the other hand, is the more quiet type who would rather relax the day away. They are the perfect couple. Savannah pushes Buddy to get moving. Buddy successfully calms Savannah down. They balance each other just the way we had hoped!

Solomon family, Westminster

Gracie the dog


We adopted Gracie (formerly Primrose) from Small Miracles in April 2012, and she has come a long way. She is overcoming her fears of noises and stairs, and we are working on it together. She and my other three dogs get along wonderfully. She has gained 6 pounds! She knows where her treats are, props her head up on my legs at bedtime and loves to snuggle. She is a pleaser, and she gives high fives! No doubt she wasn't treated very well in her former life, but she is absolutely loved now.

Debbie Kline, Mount Airy

Gingerale the cat

Gingerale and Cinnamon

We adopted our orange tabby Gingerale (formerly Ginger, pictured) in March 2009. We adopted a torbie sister for her—Cinnamon (formerly Tigger) in February 2011. They are the light of our lives. Gingerale is a ball of energy and is very sociable. She loves being around people, and she is my 10-year-old son's best friend. Cinnamon is a shy girl and listens well. She is a very good girl and has really come out of her shell. Thank you, Small Miracles, for our girls! Our family would not be complete without them.

Whatley family, Sykesville

Percy and Sheena the cats

Percy and Sheena

We adopted Percy and Sheena in 2009. Percy was at Small Miracles for about three months before he telepathically got a message to us to come and meet him. I am so glad no one else adopted him before we got to know him. He will jump up and catch a ball and bat it back to us, and if we toss a pipe cleaner downstairs, he will play fetch with it. Sheena is a lovely black kitty who likes to stand on her back legs when she is waiting for dinner. When my husband sneezes, she always says something which must be her way of saying "Gesundheit." She also likes to be combed. We are so happy to have them as an essential part of our family.

Kira and Tom Lis, Columbia